Covid Update

I hope you are keeping super well and safe!
The Welsh Government has not yet mentioned its plans for the reopening of the hair/ beauty or tourism industries.
There has also been no mention so far of plans for sports centres, entertainment venues such as cinemas and bowling alleys, play areas, swimming pools and spas, garden centres, museums and galleries, massage and tattoo parlours, betting shops, and letting agents.
Will things return to normal after 9 November?
Although some measures will be eased after the lockdown ends, it is important to remember that coronavirus restrictions will remain in place for the foreseeable future.
On 9 November, a new set of national rules will be introduced to help us live with coronavirus and keep the virus under control. These are still being finalised.
The Welsh Government said: "We will discuss these ideas over the next few days with local authorities, with the police, with the people and organisations which need to make the rules work to make sure they are right for Wales."
The details regarding the reopening of hair salons in Wales hopefully will become clear in the next few days. When I receive this information my priority will be to contact everyone that had appointments booked during this Fire Break shut down period, these prior booked appointments will be allocated first.
I will endeavour to accommodate all requests for specific days and times on rebooking.
Please be mindful and patient at this time as it may take a while to contact everyone and for re-booking to be carried out.
I want to thank you once again for you understanding and patience regarding the salons closure and reopening.
I want to convey my utmost appreciation to you for your continued care and loyalty to me and the salon, without your continued support the salon would not exist.
Please take the very best care of you and your loved ones and I hope to see you very soon.
All my very best Chris. x. STAY SAFE!
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